Do you know what Ad Words is?

If not, well let me brief you. Google’s advertising platform that enables businesses to create ads for their products and services which users can see on the search engine result page or right after they are done searching for something. They are often displayed as boxes containing information about a product or service along with a hyperlink that leads to the advertiser’s website.

Why should I use it? The obvious reason why you might not want to use this awesome tool is that it costs money. There are other reasons, though, one of them being that your competition is already doing it. You need to stand out among all those other competitors trying to sell their products now! Don’t you think it is better to be one step ahead of them?

Another reason why you should advertise with Google Ads is that when done right, it can lead to high sales conversions. Many people use the internet every day and places like Google are always visited by millions of users, mapping out your ad with specific keywords relevant to your product or service will put you in front of lots of potential buyers. It’s a bit of an investment though because there are other factors involved, but more on this later.

You have to set up an account first. Once again, obvious I know but if you don’t have one you won’t be able to manage any campaigns. There are two types of account. The first is a personal account where one person manages the campaigns with some limitations. The second is business account that allows multiple users to be able to manage it and has more limitations than the personal one.

Once your account is set up, you need to figure out how much you want to spend on it per day or per month depending on what campaign you would like to run. You can also decide when you want your ads to start showing up in people’s feeds, whether it is going to be during peak hours or all throughout the day.

What should I put in my ads?

It would be a shame if after all this work done setting everything up for a great campaign you put in something completely irrelevant to the topic of your ad. For example, if you are selling watches it would be a good idea to include words like ‘watches’, ‘time’ or ‘clock’ into your ads so that people interested in those products will click on it instead of just being turned away by what was written, thinking it wasn’t for them. So remember to think about what you would search for regarding the product you are trying to sell and use those words as keywords.

You can also test different headlines and pictures seeing which one works best before settling with one, using split testing tools available with Google Adwords.

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