Alphera Media Group is a full-service digital agency. We offer Facebook PPC and Social Media Optimisation services that are essential for our clients to boost their business. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used today because it has over 1 billion users. Facebook is a great place to engage customers online. It allows businesses to have Facebook pages where they can share information about products or services offered by the company. When somebody likes their Facebook page, it means somebody actually wants an update from them at least once every day.

However, Facebook also offers advertising services both on its website and mobile apps through Facebook Ads which uses PPC as well as other methods of targeting specific audience members with ads. Facebook allows you to target people living in certain areas, having certain interests like cooking or travelling, having similar interests like people who Like Facebook pages or Facebook groups. Facebook Ads can be a great tool to increase the number of Facebook Likes, page views and even promote Facebook posts that drive engagement from people who like your Facebook page.

Alphera Media Group has Facebook account managers who are fully aware of the benefits of Facebook for their client’s business, and they utilize Facebook campaigns to create engaging ads with calls-to-action on Facebook, through retargeting methods customers are subjected to multiple Ads. Retargeting is a great way to advertise products and services on Facebook by targeting users who have already visited their website once before but did not purchase anything yet.

When a client decides to use PPC services offered by Alphera Media Group, they have an opportunity to get more exposure in Facebook, Google Search, and Facebook Audience Network. Facebook Audience Network allows Facebook users to see ads on Facebook apps or websites that are not Facebook. This is because Facebook Audience network which includes mobile applications, websites and even other social media networks where Facebook has an interest in displaying their ads.

Alphera Media Group knows that PPC services have a high return of investment compared to other digital marketing strategies, so they focus on creating excellent ad campaigns for businesses that want their business to gain more exposure online. They include the following methods when creating PPC services: retargeting, keyword analysis, precise targeting, Facebook advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads management and SEO management.

Having a good website design does not only make the website look good, it makes the website more user-friendly. Alphera Media Group knows this, so they have Facebook account managers who are also web designers to create websites for their clients where Facebook users can find information about client’s products or services quickly and easily. Facebook account managers are also Facebook page admins which means they know how Facebook works, so when it comes to Facebook, Facebook account managers can help their clients create Facebook ads that target Facebook users who are more likely to buy something from the website.

At Alphera Media Group, Facebook is one of their top priorities; they know how Facebook works, and they know the best ways to put Facebook to work for their clients’ business. Facebook is essential for any digital marketing service offered by Alphera Media Group because Facebook brings people together. When people like a Facebook page, it means they actually want an update about what’s happening in the company; when people share posts on Facebook, other people see this post and visit the website where these posts lead too.

Alphera Media Group Facebook account managers also understand the importance of using keywords when writing a post because these words and phrases in a post can raise the number of clicks, likes and shares. When people search specific keywords on Google or other search engines, results will show up. Facebook account managers and Facebook Business Managers knows how to use keywords in Facebook posts that make Facebook users click on their client’s Facebook post or visit their website.

The writers at Alphera Media Group also take time to understand their clients’ business, they are capable of creating Facebook posts that encourage engagement from their followers and leads by promoting client’s Facebook page through Facebook ads.


Alphera Media Group also has Facebook account managers who understand the value of Facebook advertising for businesses; when a business owner decides to run an ad on Facebook, it is because they want people to like their page, buy products or even share posts. This is why Facebook account managers know how to create engaging advertisements using Facebook ads which encourage users not only through text but also through making the advertisement video, so they click on the advertisement and visit the website.

“Facebook Ads are usually much more affordable than their Google counterparts!”

Through PPC services offered by Alphera Media Groups, Facebook can be put to work for businesses to gain exposure. Facebook account managers from Facebook at Alphera Media Group can create Facebook ads that do not only encourage Facebook users to like a Facebook page but also encourage Facebook users to visit a website or buy a product or service.

Alphera Media Group has Facebook account managers who promote clients’ Facebook pages through Facebook advertisements which have high click-through rates compared to other types of digital marketing services. They have the skills and knowledge when it comes to using keywords in Facebook posts which gets more clicks on Facebook ads; they know how to use positive reviews about their clients’ business by encouraging Facebook users to like reviews about their client’s business, these reviews are used when running on Facebook

At Alphera Media Group we have Facebook account managers who also use Facebook ads to encourage Facebook users to like their client’s Facebook page and share posts, which means they know how Facebook works. When it comes to promoting a business on Facebook, Facebook account managers from Alphera Media Group will be able to get more people talking about their client’s products or services through Facebook advertisements and Facebook posts.

Over the last few years, Alphera Media Group has built an expert team for managing customers’ social media profiles and creating powerful marketing campaigns that attract customers while getting them a great return on investment.